About Us

The Gold Coast Roller Sports Club was originally known as Skaters Paradise Roller Skating Club, which was formed in 1983 and was attached to the Skaters Paradise venue. The club now operates out of the Runaway Bay Indoor Sports Stadium with learn to skate programs and social skating events.

History of Roller Skating on the Gold Coast

Roller skating first began at the old Pier Theatre in Southport and on an outdoor rink on the Beach front at Burleigh Heads

A number of Skating Facilities continued to be constructed and successfully operated until the late 1980’s These included a council owned Skating Rink which was built in Coolangatta in the late thirties/early forties. This was known as the Showboat Skating Rink.

Miami Rollerdrome was the next Roller Skating facility to be constructed on the Gold Coast in Christine Avenue Miami. This was an outdoor rink built and operated by a local family. The first Roller Skating Club was formed at the Miami Rollerdrome in 1962.

As skating popularity continued to grow on the Gold Coast another Roller-skating rink was constructed in Nerang Street Southport, an area which is now the CBD. A Roller skating club also successfully operated from the Southport Rink.

As skating popularity continued to grow and the Gold Coast population increased, a modern combined ice and roller rink was built in Ashmore Road, Bundall, just west of Surfers Paradise.

The Roller Disco fever that gripped the community in the early 1980’s convinced another local businessman to build the next roller skating facility in Bay St Southport. The fact that his daughter loved skating was another motive for his decision. This was known as Skaters Paradise Roller Skating Rink.

Sadly one by one each of these facilities have closed as pressures for development of commercial space increased. Nerang Street became an Electrical Wholesale Store. The Ice/Roller rink at Ashmore Road is now an Amart Store. Miami was converted to a church in the early nineties. The Coolangatta rink was closed by the Gold Coast City Council for car parking in the late nineties and the last rink to close was Skaters Paradise in 2000.

The first competitive club on the Gold Coast was called the Miami Skating Club formed in 1962. Clubs were also formed at the other rinks making the Gold Coast one of the most competitive centers in Australia with many local skaters representing Australia in World Class competition. Many of the skaters who were members of these original clubs have continued their involvement in skating and are now active members of the Gold Coast Roller Sports Club.