Gold Coast Roller Sports appoints fully accredited coaches registered with the Australian Coaching Council to manage all coaching programs within the club. Coaching is provided to accommodate all levels of competition currently offered by Skate Queensland and Skate Australia.

Within Skate Queensland these levels are:

  • Novice Challenge
  • Elementary League
  • Secondary League
  • Advanced League
  • Queensland Championships

Within Skate Australia these levels are:

  • Australian Championships
  • Oceania Championships
  • World Championships

Coaching for Competitions and Tests

Individual Coaching is offered to Club Members who have Social, Competitive or Full Competitive Membership with Skate Australia. Coaching at these levels is tailored to suit each individual skater and the program is entered into after consultation with the Head Coach. Parent/Guardians must sign a consent form outlining a private coaching agreement before any private coaching is undertaken. Skaters or Parents/Guardians of a Skater may approach the Head Coach to enter a private coaching agreement provided that the skater has the appropriate Skate Australia and Club membership.

Learn to Skate

Gold Coast Roller Sports offers a Learn to Skate program that is available to members who have a current Skater Achiever level of membership with Skate Australia. Our Learn to Skate Program is conducted during School Terms and skaters participating in the program are eligible to compete in the Novice League Competitions offered by Skate Queensland.